Verve leaf Bamboo Matcha Making Set - Chasen and Chashaku - Makes Deliciously Frothy and Creamy Matcha - Quality Handmade Natural Bamboo Will Transport You Into The Authentic Matcha Zen Zone

  • FUNCTIONAL! Matcha can be hard to mix 100% thoroughly. And no one wants clumps in their matcha! Well, we have the perfect solution. Our bamboo matcha whisk is perfectly designed with 100 prongs, so you'll be able to easily mix your matcha. It whisks your matcha perfectly so now your matcha will be frothy and lump free. So now you can enjoy your matcha even more!
  • PRACTICAL! Our bamboo scoop is especially designed for measuring matcha, allowing you to measure it precisely according to your tastes. It is easier to get the right amount of matcha rather than a spoon. This means you can consistently make your matcha suited to your desired strength, enabling you to enjoy your matcha to the maximum.
  • DELICIOUS! Our bamboo matcha whisk has many individual prongs tied together, so you'll be able to froth up and mix your matcha perfectly. This means that you can enjoy your matcha with smooth, fluffy and delicious green foam.
  • AUTHENTIC! Want to drink matcha the traditional way? Our set is identical to the type of bamboo whisk and scoop used in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. You can make your matcha like the pros, the authentic way.
  • TRUSTED! Our bamboo matcha whisk is handmade with 100% natural bamboo, made with no varnishes or other chemicals. This means your matcha will remain healthy and pure, without any harmful or toxic substances.

VALUE! Because our bamboo matcha whisk has multiple long and thin prongs, you'll be able to scrape your precious matcha from the sides and bottom of your bowl. This means that little or no matcha gets wasted. 

This starter matcha set has the essentials you need to compliment your matcha, so you will have a perfect tools to get started. You can make do with other inferior methods of making matcha but if you want to get the most of your brew, then you need our starter kit. It also makes the perfect gift for a matcha drinker. 

BETTER TASTING MATCHA! Because this bamboo set is made of natural bamboo and not harsh metal, you’ll be able to enjoy an upgrade in the taste of your matcha. You’ll be making your matcha the same way they do in Japan, using the same tools they use in the Japanese tea ceremony, where flavor is of paramount importance. 

30-Day Warranty: You risk absolutely nothing. Our matcha starter kit is backed by an unconditional 100% 30-day no-risk warranty. Your search for “the ONE” perfect matcha starter kit is finally over! (Matcha sold separately)

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